Not your typical Purim, we had a zoom party with Lego’s, costumes and drinking.

Thanks to our special guests Peter and Petra and their extraordinary magic skills.  We went through the science and practice of creating 6 Purim flavoured drinks which were provided by the URJ.  They were yummy.  It’s a good thing it was prerecorded or we never would have finished the night.

The guessing game was fun and challenging (and I even knew the answers before hand and couldn’t guess them) and everyone seemed to enjoy figuring out who these famous characters were portraying.


Finally there was the music by our very own, home grown singing group.  I never knew you could change hats that fast, nor that any one household would own that many hats.  (I liked the colander).

There was no Karaoke this year, but I”m sure it will return in the next rendition of the BSVT Purim Tradition.