Rabbi Printz was born in Bucharest, Romania.  Her family made Aliyah and settled in the beautiful coastal town of Bat Yam, just south of Tel Aviv.  After the Yom Kippur war, the family moved to Jerusalem. 

As with most Israelis, her family maintained a very strong Jewish identity while remaining entirely secular.  The Printz Family left Israel in 1985 and settled in Canada, where Rabbi Printz graduated from high school and university.  She also earned a master’s degree in science curriculum development from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Printz met her rabbi and mentor – Rabbi Martin Cohen (currently of Shelter Rock Jewish Center in Long Island) – while living in Vancouver and it was there that she became curious about her heritage and deeply involved in Jewish life. She entered Rabbinical School at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2000 as the recipient of the prestigious Crown Fellowship. She was ordained in May 2005 with an MA in Bible.

Rabbi Printz is currently working on her doctorate in higher education policy at OISE at the University of Toronto.

Favourite Jewish Activity: Learning and teaching texts

Favourite Book:  Only Begotten Daughter (James Morrow)

Favourite Movie:  Guardians of the Galaxy

Favourite TV show:  The Good Place

Favourite Food Group:  Chocolate.

Rabbi Printz can be reached at rabbiprintz@gmail.com