Hebrew School

B’nai Shalom V’ Tikvah Hebrew School is run on Sunday Mornings and Tuesday evenings with experienced educational instructors from September until May.  Additional details of interest are:

  • Grades are Keta Aleph( senior Kindergarten),Keta Bet (Gr 1 &2), Keta Gimmel (Gr. 3 & 4) and Keta Dalet (Gr. 5 & 6) till Bar/Bat Mitzvah age.
  • B’nai Shalom V’ Tikvah Hebrew School is done in conjunction with Beth Zion Hebrew Synagogue in Oshawa.
  • Special projects are given out during the year which runs from Sept till May
  • Special Shabbat dinners where the students participate with a Friday night Shabbat service which includes a full dinner
  • There is emphasis on the Jewish festival’s of the year ie- Tu Bish’Vat Sedars, Chanukah parties, Purim Spiels, Succot service in a Succah ,and many more fun activities for the students
  • Field trips such as:  Matzah making workshops, Holocaust Museum, etc.
  • We also get to experience Jewish prayer and services in the Sanctuary of Beth Zion (Oshawa) as well as B’nai Shalom V’Tikvah services in Ajax.

For more information, see our contact page or leave us a message at 905.428.2580.