Hebrew School

B’Nai Shalom v’Tikvah Hebrew School is held on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings with experienced educational instructors from September until May.  Additional details of interest are:

  • Grades are Keta Aleph( senior Kindergarten),Keta Bet (Gr 1 &2), Keta Gimmel (Gr. 3 & 4) and Keta Dalet (Gr. 5 & 6) till Bar/Bat Mitzvah age
  • B’Nai Shalom v’ Tikvah Hebrew School is held in partnership with Beth Zion Hebrew Synagogue in Oshawa
  • Special projects are given out during the year
  • Special Shabbat dinners where the students participate with a Erev Shabbat service
  • There is emphasis on the Jewish festival’s of the year i.e. – Tu Bishvat Seders, Chanukah parties, Purim Spiels, Sukkot service in a Sukkah and many more fun activities for the students
  • Field trips such as: matzoh making workshops, Holocaust Museum, etc.
  • Students participate in Jewish prayer and service


For more information, see our contact page or leave us a message at 905.428.2580.