Our History

25 years of growth through Prayer, Study and Community.

It all started around 26 years ago.  Some Jewish members of the community were meeting at a group called JFOD, or Jewish Families of Durham (JFOD).  At one of these meetings, the thought came up of starting a Synagogue in Durham.  There was much debate, food, and laughter, but eventually they came up with an way it could be done.  Harley was instrumental in getting things started, as he always does.  The people of JFOD came from all backgrounds, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Reform, Orthodox and Conservative.  They settled on a Reform Synagogue named the Children of Peace and Hope, B’Nai Shalom v’Tikvah.  We wandered around for a few years, as Jews are prone to doing, and finally settled in the Church at St. Paul’s in Ajax.  We have grown over the time to about 50 membership units and a very tight knit but welcoming group  We invite you to come and join us and help us to write our story into the future.