Virtual Community Shabbat Dinner June 2020


PURIM 2020

Beryl the Burger Bun of Fun and bashful Bashi.
Reb. Morpheus of the Judean Matrix Alliance.
Rabbah and the Purim Drinking story continues.
The Lovely Ladies.
The Jolly Gents.
Moe Hammered by Al Lee and Wake up Wenda with Back up dancer.
You should see the other guy!
Berry, Berry Nice Couple putting people under a spell.
Plague VS Hatchet woman. Could be close.
The BSVT Players. Vashti, Esther, Haman, Mordy, Producer, Kingy.
Hey, Hey, the Gang’s all here. (except for those who left and weren’t)
First Place !
Second Place !
Wrong Place !