High Holy Days in our 25th anniversary year will be a special time for all spiritually and emotionally.  We are looking forward to revealing our new Aron HaKodesh modifications and the new Quilt put together by the members of the congregation.  We are also using the new Mishkan HaNefesh Makzors for our services.  Members are reminded to bring theirs with them (or pick them up at the services).  There are some available for Guests as well.  The readings and layout of the Makzor will assist the Rabbi and Cantor in making this a meaningful and emotional Service for all.

If you are a first timer at BSVT, we offer Free High Holy Day tickets for the second day of Rosh Hashanah or Discounted tickets if you want to come for all or most of the services.

Come check us out and see how you feel.  Contact us at 905.428.2580 and leave a message.