Mysteries of the Machzor

Please click on the following links to watch the recorded zoom meetings.  Please do not forward or share this link as we have promised the presenter to keep these within our Shul family.

Session 1.Sorry, there is no video of Session 1 available.

Session 2. The Vidui:

Session 3. Aveniu Malkenu:

Session 4.  Kol Nidre:



Unataneh Tokef:  The power of the day

Unetaneh Tokef:  Prayer

Session 2,  Cheshbon-HaNefesh

Session 2,  Complimentary Confession

Session 2,  Confessional Prayers

Session 2,  Confessional Sources

Session 3,  Aveinu Malkeinu Sources

Session 3,  Aveinu Malkeinu Prayer

Session 4. Kol Nidre Poetic Map

Session 4.  Kol Nidre Source Sheet

Session 4.  Kol Nidre Prayer – Mishkan HaNefesh