We had a great night of fun when the mistress of events created another virtual extravaganza.  Beryl put together three very fun activities and if laughter is the measure, we had kilometres of fun. 

The first was a drawing game in which participants had to draw a picture based on her descriptions.  I saw the picture ahead of time and thought there was no way that anyone would get it.  I was way wrong.  Everyone did a smash-up job and they all looked great. 

Blurry Games Night

The second activity was a “20 questions” type event where the answers were pomegranates and groundhogs.  Surprisingly, bread boxes aren’t as popular as they used to be, but the youngest member of the crew is the only one who has one.  (Then again, she bakes a lot).

The third activity was trying to figure out who matched a truth that they had submitted earlier.  Who knew that our folks are so worldly or get into so much trouble while wearing daisy dukes? 

Looking forward to our next party which should be Purim 5781.

Thank you everyone for participating.