We started 5782 with a bang, or at least a flame and a song.  Over 30 people joined together outside at a beautiful location in Uxbridge on a beautiful day to raise funds and fun.  The BBQ was performed by master Chef Leon who did a marvelous job, even on the BBQ veggie burgers, so good in fact that I had three. (Sorry  Sabina).

The afternoon kibbitzing was intermixed with a great game of guess the composer.  Who knew we would be humming winter carols in October.

Then there was the actual fundraiser portion of the afternoon. Beryl and others worked long and hard on this and it was a smashing success.  Many people won exactly what they had there hearts set on and there was much joy in the village.

Eventually people wandered away after very long good byes and Leon’s backyard became a place of serenity once again.

Thank you to all who donated, bought tickets, organized, cleaned, shopped, cooked, cheered, sang, zoomed and put this together.  The success of our little Shul depends so much on people like you and all of your contributions.

Toda Roba.